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What Color Are You Looking For?

With At Your Service Painting And More Changing the color of a room is relatively inexpensive, however the change can have a tremendous effect on the feel of a room. There are so many colors to choose from and it can be overwhelming at first.

A few things to consider when choosing a color are to be mindful of the existing furnishings you intend to keep. A neutral palette goes well with wood, stone, bamboo and natural fibers. The colors cream, beige, tan and soft greens are very neutral and relaxing.

House painting

Brighter colors like reds, orange and some yellows can infuse energy into a room along with an increase in appetite if placed in a kitchen or dining area!

Cooler colors like blues,violets, mints and teals are very nice in a bedroom or home office setting. The key nonetheless is to have fun, experiment with color.

Here at your service painting and more we recommend getting the sample size containers of a few colors you are considering and paint a portion of a wall that natural light hits.

View the color over the next few days, paying attention to how different light changes the way it looks and how it makes you feel with the different light affecting it.

You can add depth and interest in a room by having an accent wall painted a different color than The other walls. This can make a bold statement or a calm transition to another room or hall.

As always we are here to help and guide you through this process.  We can take a room or a whole house and give it that new look. Get your house ready for entertaining this year with At Your Service Painting And More

For more information about house painting and ideas on color decisions contact us.